Слова песни Vrawsche — Osatan

offer you a deal before the oven does you in.
contract separates you from your dripping molten skin.
metamorphosize, sanctify, purify your soul.
expect complete respect, assume complete control.
sending ripples through the ground like geologic faults.
animate you with the energy of lightning bolts.

satan! lives. satan! cures. satan! kills. satan! rules.

spread your wings, prepare to kiss goodbye to nine to five.
bird’s eye views, flowing booze, and evil never dies.
fear no conscience, rape, defile, hack-chop those fuckers down.
feel free to euthanize the natives of this town.

i’m the one that burns the sea and makes the jungle die.
belching out the vapors that are poisoning their skies.

satan! lives. satan! cures. satan! kills. satan! rules.

all the coral reefs are full of scaly little thieves, alive.
animals are vectors for diseases that you won’t survive.
female of our species paint their face and always tell us lies.
chain you down to every jail they can devise, can devise, now.

say hello to slash and burn, my bird of paradise you’ll learn.
cash is more important than a precious planetary urn.
ash is more important than a body eaten by a worm.
turn the flesh, and burn the flesh, and learn the rest and pass the test,
then rape, defile, rape, defile, rape, defile, don’t rape, defile.
kill the father, and fuck the rest.
death to boys, eat female flesh, don’t fade away, keep up the presh.
now destroy, now destroy, now destroy...

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Osatan» by Vrawsche, is a dark and intense composition. The lyrics depict a sinister and rebellious theme, with references to Satan and themes of power and control. The song explores the idea of transformation and the pursuit of dominance. It portrays a world where evil never dies and individuals are encouraged to break free from societal norms. The lyrics also touch upon environmental destruction and the consequences of human actions. Overall, «Osatan» is a provocative and thought-provoking song that delves into controversial topics.

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