Слова песни The English We Speak — To go with a bang


(Sound of fireworks)

Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak.

Feifei: Thanks Rob for inviting me to your firework party. Is there any reason why you are having it tonight?

Rob: Yes, Feifei, "Remember, remember the fifth of November" as we say.

Feifei: "Remember, remember, the fifth of November" - I hadn't forgotten - that is today's date Rob but...

Rob: ...it's what we say in the UK to remember the day when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament back in 1605. Now, on this date, we have firework parties to remember the event.

Feifei: Rob, that is quite a serious event to celebrate but this party is fun - it's going really well.

Rob: Oh thanks Feifei. It's going with a bang isn't it!

Feifei: Going with a bang? It's certainly going with a bang because of all these... (bang) fireworks. (Shouting) It's very noisy!

Rob: (Shouting) Yes it is! But when something is going with a bang is doesn't always have to involve fireworks. (Fireworks get quieter) That's better. If we say a party or an event is going with a bang, it's an informal way of saying it's going very well - it's a success, it's very exciting.

Feifei: I see. Let's hear some examples...

Everyone enjoyed the parade especially as it didn't rain; it really went off with a bang!

The wedding party went with a bang as soon as everyone had a glass of champagne!

This party should really go with a bang now that the band is playing.

Rob: OK, Feifei, just one more firework to light. Here goes... it's going to be a very big one... stand back!


Feifei: ...hmm, it looks like that last firework isn't going with a bang.

Rob: No it's not is it! Ah well, it was still a good party wasn't it. Good food, lots of drink, good music and good company - don't you agree?

Feifei: Definitely Rob. It certainly went with a bang! In fact we could say it was... 'banging'!

Rob: Excuse me?

Feifei: Banging - keep up Rob, It's another way of saying something was fantastic. Your party was 'banging'!

Rob: Well, thank you Feifei but hold on... that last firework looks like it's about to go off... watch out!!

(Firework explodes)

Rob: Now that really went with a bang!

Both: Bye.

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The song described in the provided text is titled «To go with a bang.» It is a lively and celebratory song that captures the spirit of a firework party. The lyrics mention the significance of the fifth of November in the UK, which commemorates the failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. The song emphasizes the excitement and success of the party, using the phrase «going with a bang» to describe a lively and enjoyable event. Overall, the song portrays a festive atmosphere filled with fireworks, good food, drinks, music, and good company.

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