Слова песни Scooter — 2003 — 04 — Take A Break (2003 — «The Stadium Techno Experience»)

Aah, Let's Go
We Gonna Mix Up The Place
And Tear It Up Inside
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Right About Now It's The Mic Wrecker
2 Beat 2 Rhyme
2 Time Checker,
2 Time Darker To Blow The Speaker
2 Dangerous To Bring The Creeper
Rollin' With The Mic Provider
I'm The Real Rhytm Rider
Damage From The Infiltration
Take A Break, I'll See U Later

When I'm On The Mic Best Realoze
As I Exercize My Vocal Surprise
Bored You'll Never Get With The Bass Inject
To Make Your Body Sweat, I Got The Rep
As A Lyrical Master Banging Straight Out Of Your
Stereo Blaster, Faster And Faster, We Stic With
The Place
Ravers Watchout Don't Screw Up Ya Face -
And take A Break

Slow Down For One More Time...

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