Слова песни Santa Cruz — 06. High On You

Standing in the corner with a winner’s smile
Feeling like the jackpot, bit me in the eye.
They say love is just a feeling, but this is something more
Girl, you got me flying, higher than before

And I fly so high on you
Don’t want to fall. I’m so high

High, so high on you!
My addiction is you.
High, so high on you!
My affliction is through, cause of you

Scouting for this feeling, since I was seventeen
Never really been there, but now I’m getting keen
On everything about you, is so fucking sweet
Put my love around you, I’m in for a treat

I need a fix and your love is sweetest drug
No injections could never, ever give this much
O-o-o, I’m so high, so high on you.

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