Слова песни Nebulous — Sorah

Cracked ground beneath my feet
Displays a divide never seen
A silhouette comes into sight.
The traveller approaches bearing words to feed the thought

He speaks of the old
Wisdom from the elders some discard
He mentions the young evolving fast
To come this far.

The sides are balanced in time
Sharing horizons and similar grounds
Shaping the days to come

Lifted in the air,
Motionless and doubtful
Stripped of despair
Longing for faith
Transparent skin
Show the melting of two worlds in sync.

Краткое описание песни

The song «Nebulous» by Sorah is a poetic reflection on the division and unity within society. The cracked ground symbolizes the unseen divide, while a silhouette represents a traveler who brings words to stimulate thought. The lyrics mention the wisdom of elders, which some disregard, and the rapid evolution of the young. The song emphasizes the balance between different perspectives and the shaping of future days. It also explores themes of doubt, longing for faith, and the merging of two worlds. Overall, «Nebulous» invites contemplation on the complexities of human existence.

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