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PANDER (verb)
(pander to) gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire or habit). to facilitate the fulfillment of others’ or another’s desire, especially one of questionable appropriateness or morality
Synonyms: solicit, procure, provide, pimp, indulge, gratify, cater to
Antonyms: reject, deny
- Despite Adam’s better judgment, Eve pandered to her own needs.
- Donald’s manager was not able to control the his employees because he tended to pander to their every demand.
- Jenny panders to her boss by complimenting his new tie, suit and haircut.
- If a politician panders to too many different groups, it’s impossible to tell what he stands for.

RUMINATE (verb) 1. to consider something deeply and carefully; 2. to re-chew partially digested food–refers to cows and other ruminants. To turn a matter over and over in the mind. To chew cud.
Synonyms: mull, brainstorm, contemplate, consider, ponder,
Antonyms: forget, ignore
- She spent the last year ruminating over which college to attend after graduation.
- When his lost the election The candidate ruminated over what he should do next.
- The cows grazed on the hillside and ruminated their food in a relaxed manner.
- The priest hoped that the congregation would spend the remainder of the week ruminating the message of his sermon
- Jenny ruminated too much over it and she never make a decision.

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