Слова песни ÍON — The Silent Stars

7. The Silent Stars

Whilst rivers cease and worlds collide
Silence fills the midnight sky
Detachment heals the distant guile
As shadows flee an everlasting light

As I reconcile with you
The tainted path is so far away from here

Across the stream, Decembers child
This tranquil place where murmers die,
The frigid air, a twilight kiss,
The deepest peace, the quiet earth combine

As I live this time for you
The stillness calls from far away
A voiceless choir, sublime
We sit and watch the silent stars go by

As heavenly sounds resound around
Peace is ours, and perfection
For we are mute, deep in the heart of the earth
Absorbed in the absolute
Deep in thought we return to the stars
Whilst our weary bodies converge to the source
We learn to witness further beyond ourselves
Now and forever

As I live this night with you,
Our pointless fears are washed away,
Your gracious hand o'er mine,
As we sit and watch the silent stars go by

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «The Silent Stars» by ÍON, is a poetic and introspective piece. The lyrics evoke a sense of tranquility and contemplation. The verses describe the stillness of the midnight sky, the healing power of detachment, and the beauty of an everlasting light. The song speaks of reconciliation and the longing for a distant, untainted path. It paints a picture of a tranquil place where murmurs fade away, and a twilight kiss in the frigid air brings deep peace. The lyrics also touch upon the idea of being absorbed in the absolute, witnessing the silent stars go by, and finding perfection and peace in the heart of the earth. Overall, «The Silent Stars» invites listeners to embrace stillness, reflect on their existence, and connect with the vastness of the universe.

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