Слова песни Ephel Duath — Raqia

I see you rising
Where spheres collide
Up to the highest of all
And here I stare
This shining nightmare again

The humming voice
I keep hearing the whisper
Parasitic mind getting closer and closer
A second and third layer of skin
Begging for some life and warmth

You are the firmament
I wander in
When my sight loses hope
And I fail myself again
I'm just nerves
Tired bones
A scared heart

You are that shadow filling my eyes
My guard is down again
There's still no will
Desire or strength
To fight that back

You may be as lonely as I feel
But the emptiness around you is cosmic
While mine tastes just like flesh

I slip further
And I keep looking there
At that grinning void
That ate you

All what I'm gaining
Is a self feeding rage
Stealing my traits

Long liquefied echoes
Shape my memories
And I wonder
If nine stars blinking
Are those nine fingers of yours
Ready to grab me
And this blind run
That is my life.

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Raqia» by Ephel Duath, is a poetic expression of emotions and experiences. The lyrics depict a sense of rising and colliding spheres, creating a vivid imagery of reaching the highest point. The singer reflects on a shining nightmare and a humming voice that persists in their mind, symbolizing a parasitic presence that grows closer. The lyrics also convey a feeling of vulnerability and weariness, with references to tired bones, a scared heart, and a shadow filling their eyes. The emptiness surrounding the singer is described as cosmic and immense, contrasting with their own emptiness that feels more tangible, like flesh. The song explores themes of loneliness, self-reflection, and the struggle to find meaning in life. The lyrics end with a contemplation of memories shaped by liquefied echoes and the uncertainty of a blind run that represents the singer’s life.

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