Слова песни Ecco2k — Mirage

I woke up today wishing i was someone else
Took my consciousness away to escape myself
In this body now, i'm a prisoner
Mirages in the desert when i'm missing her
Love was a mirage but it's over now
Two stops into the town on the overground
Getting sober now, had a heart attack
I just lost my life but you brought it back
Random character select, i had no luck
Disconnect the smoke alarm when i show up
Love is a mirage, tee-shirt extra large
Two electric cars came out the garage

But it's over now
Love was a mirage, but it's over now

Getting sober now
Love was a mirage, but it's over now

But it's over now

It's over now

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Mirage» by Ecco2k, explores themes of longing, escape, and lost love. The lyrics depict the narrator waking up and wishing to be someone else, seeking to escape their own consciousness. They feel trapped in their current body, comparing their experiences to mirages in the desert. The mention of love being a mirage suggests that it was an illusion, and the relationship has now ended. The lyrics also touch on sobriety and a sense of rebirth after a heart attack. Overall, «Mirage» delves into the complexities of emotions and the transient nature of love.

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