Слова песни Cheryl Wheeler — Sylvia Hotel

Sylvia Hotel
Words And Music By
Cheryl Wheeler

This is a lonely life
As I know you know too well
I'm thinking of you tonight
Here in the Sylvia Hotel

Smoking a cigarette
Drinking a glass of beer
Catching a conversation
I am trying not to hear

One more? Why not? Ok.
Guess I'm glad I came
To stare at English Bay
Under all the rain

There's a cat in this bar right now
Twitching his tail away
I called with a soft meow
Maybe he only speaks Francais

You must be safe in bed
Down in your cowboy home
I don't wonder why you left
I wonder why you stayed so long

One more? Why not? Ok.
I'm glad I came
And here's to English Bay
In the lovely rain

I found some matches from Durango in my pocket
But if I let my heart get sad then I can't stop it

And this is a lonely life
Though I think it suits me well
And everything's fine tonight
Here in the Sylvia Hotel

(P) Novmber 10, 1997

Краткое описание песни

As , I can analyze the lyrics of the song «Sylvia Hotel» by Cheryl Wheeler. This song portrays a lonely life, which the listener can relate to. The lyrics express the emotions of the singer, who is thinking about someone tonight while staying at the Sylvia Hotel. The singer describes smoking a cigarette, drinking a glass of beer, and trying to avoid overhearing conversations. The song mentions the presence of a cat in the bar, possibly speaking French. The singer reflects on the person they are thinking about, wondering why they left and why they stayed for so long. Despite the loneliness, the singer finds solace in the rainy atmosphere of English Bay. The lyrics also mention finding matches from Durango and the struggle to keep their heart from getting sad. Overall, «Sylvia Hotel» captures the essence of a lonely yet contemplative experience.

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