Слова песни Alexa Vega — Isle Of Dreams (Spy Kids 2 soundtrack)

Who, what, when, where, and why do I delight in?
What do I intend to find this time?
Run around, jumping down, bounce and bound and find another way to duck and hide.
This Isle of... DREAMS!

Bridge: DREAMS!! Isle of Isle of... Isle of Lost... Isle of Isle of DREAMS!! (repeat)

and WHY?

?Quie, que, cuando, y por que yo encantada?
?Que espero encontrar esta vez?
Corre arriba salta abajo
Encuentra otro oculta.
Este isla de... SUENOS!

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Isle Of Dreams» by Alexa Vega, is part of the Spy Kids 2 soundtrack. The lyrics express a sense of curiosity and adventure. The singer wonders about the reasons behind their delight and what they hope to find. They describe running, jumping, and finding creative ways to hide and explore. The repeated phrase «Isle of Dreams» emphasizes the theme of imagination and the pursuit of dreams. The bridge section intensifies the dream-like atmosphere with the repetition of the phrase. Overall, the song captures the spirit of exploration and the power of dreams.

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